Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ch' ch' ch' ch' cha-

It catches my attention from time to time just how much being a parent changes some odd fundamental mentalities.
Not just the simple things, like how I can no longer eat menindee seedless - only 'geen gups' for me now.
But the raw weight carried by a silence now... anyone with kids knows quiet doesnt just happen. Especially since mine have at various times made with both the snoring and the mignight chatters.
Used to be silence was either wholly welcomed - dipped into with meditative contemplation - or something to rid myself of lest my headspace seek to fill a voided audio landscape with the sussurations of cerebral agita.
These days infrequent as it may be silence is like sex.. with a cactus. Or free bag or money.. made of cheese. it seems alright but then what do you actually do with it.

Currently it also tends to accompany 'free' time.. in which case I tend to waste it away cleaning something and getting distracted by minutae.


I do believe a bowl of geen gups might be in order.