Monday, July 13, 2015

Coffee Free Thirty Days

For no particularly sane reason my wife and i have elected to go coffee sans for now. Im mentally titling this as a 30 dayd challenge because fixed targets are easier to hit than 'for ever'

Im so far 15 hours past when i would normally have had a crappy work coffee and im certainly feeling it.
8 of those hours were asleep.
Five and a half of those hours were the remainder of my shift, by the end of which i was already starting to feel that something was missing.. that receptora were agitated and flavours were not being achieved

So having woken up i have two kinds of headache.
The first is the Too Tired To Operate My Eyeball Properly ache which feels like a dagger through my left eye and exiting about 2 metres behind me
Normally this is achieved by ling sessions in front of a screen, usually gaming til the wee hours but also achievable by cannonballing an entire tv series

The second is the Someone Swapped My Skull For That of a Kitten. Most would call this a head in a vice ache, but i feel like someone has stuffed my grown adult brain into a vessel designed for giant eyes and adorable head tilting.

I do not feel adorable.