Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coffee 5 i think?

I forgot again yesterday, now its very early tomorrow

At some point it was today.

Had some stuff on today. Big enough round trip plua two casually stressful appointments and a grumpy 6 year old in tow - normally bathing in coffee.

I wanted one, especially going past all the nice cafes and stuff while walking around.

And again with the Just Have One... no
Treat Yo Self.... no
And its ridiculous because i feel like a heroin addict.

But i guess its similar, sort of.
You develop a chemical.. dependency  is possible too strong a term.. lets say routine. And along with that comes the physical routine. And the daily rituals, the programming that this warm mug of goddess will just make you feel better, act better, think better, BE better.

Same thing basically.

Time for sleeps.