Sunday, March 14, 2010

It Begins!

So, as someone who always intends to write, feels a talent for and a joy in writing - I seldom actually do any writing. This is pretty poor form for someone who considers themselves to be at least somewhat intelligent and wholly ridiculous for followers of the logical.

So how to begin?

well in theory this is it. I will be putting to put pen to paper, or at least digit to key so as to train myself. I need to leaern both the importance of consistency, and flow of the thought to the transcribable languange.

I hope this is something that will be good for me.
I hope this to be a regular, enriching experience for myself and anyone else who happens upon it.

We shall see.

As far as topics are concerned.. we'll worry about that later, but a cursory heads up would indicate a general rambling, perhaps one day levelling up to a musing.
Maybe some day hilarious.

Anyway, if you didn't like reading this, then I would suggest you'll find your time better spent elsewhere.

I promise I won't take offence.