Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I recently bought a new pair of sunglasses.
i say new though really i have never had any decent ones. all cheapo throwaways since i'm the guy that sits on stuff and then has to pull shrapnel out of his ass.
i have broken many an item.
this is why we can't have nice things.
my care has increased with age.. i think i move slower so as i feel something ready to puncture my ass flesh i can stop and say "no! i will not break thee"

i digress

i have a pair of decent sunglasses these days, and i have found that the main feature of said glasses is indeed not getting migraines on bright days.

however, i appreciate a secondary benefit.
i like clouds.
i also don't want crows feet and since im getting older i need to be mindful of these things.
but mostly i like clouds.

i think we crack along these days doing this, and doing that and don't take the time eto look at the clouds. we sit in offices, we drive home, it's all too glarey.
noone likes a burnt retina.
but, take a second to appreciate a darker big fluffy as is crosses the path of the late afternoon sun as you drive home, and tell me the haloed outline isn't somehow magical.

it is. its quite stunning at times.
mind the brakes, noone wants to buy a random hyundai.