Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday's Hat

Does anyone havee that thing where you could swear it's Friday but it's actually Thursday? or even Wednesday? sometimes it seems to change as the day goes on..
I'm pretty sure we all have, it seems to be part and parcel of the human experience.

Anyone ever worked out why?
The day gods are shift workers.

It all comes down to the fact the the lords and ladies of the days that go by are as inclined to need sickies, training and days off for the third cousins' weeding as the rest of us.
Yes, it's true.

It's quite simple really, anytime you are wondering why it feels like a Wednesday on Monday morning it's because Jack Monday couldn't be assed getting out of bed after the late late late movie on Sunday night, and someone had to fill in 'til noon. Wednesday showed up 'cause who ever has anything to do on a Wednesday? All the time in the world, god of wednesday has. Plus Wednesday needs the extra next payday.

This explanation may seem a little far fetched at first but it's on the money. It explains so much.
Like why Saturday manages to start off quickly but slow right down by about 11am. She's tried to go hard after hanging out with Friday the night before and just can't quite make it though. After a 1pm nap though she's ready to push on.
Helping out right the way through 'til early morning Sunday in fact, which is why Sunday morning TV programming is awesome, and then denegrates into fishing and motorsports.

Indeed, a little thought on the matter and you'll see the truth of this revelation.